Some Good Deeds Take Longer Than A Day …

Imagine how our lives would have been different today if we were able to …

• change the tide and protect the world against the devastating effects of climate change 15 years ago?

• change the auto industry from gasoline-based to electric 10 years ago?

• provide universal pre-k education for every child in this country?

• get beverage manufacturers to reduce sugar content in their drink products by 50%?

We would have reduced the incidence of catastrophic weather events saving countless lives, property damage, and dollars.

We would have reduced the amount of pollution in the world, and helped reduce the march toward climate change.

We would have made sure that every child has foundation needed to grow and develop as they enter primary school.

We would have reduced the incidence of both childhood and adult diabetes, and saved countless lives.

What do all these issues have in common?

Not doing them has had tremendous costs in terms of lives lost, those adversely affected, and real dollars that have devastated individuals and families.

The consequence of not taking action will compound our problems until they rip through future generations and destabilize the world. So much time, energy and money will be spent dealing with the disruptive effects that it will cripple most people’s ability to have sustained quality of life.

As these waves spread out wider and wider through time, the probability of a devastating random event catching up to you at some time during your lifetime, becomes more and more likely.

And when it finally happens, with all the impact of a tsunami or advalanche, does it really matter that you had 35 years of relative stability and happiness? Not if the rest of your life is filled with pain and suffering. Especially when you have the knowledge it could have been prevented in the first place.

Now …

Regarding Senate confirmations of the President-Elects candidates for Cabinet positions …

Shouldn’t Senators be required to disqualify themselves from making determinations when there is a potential conflict of interest, just like the requirement for recusing Judges?

Judges accept zero cash and they still have this requirement.

Politicians accept boatloads of money, and then get to pass judgment on the worthiness of the candidate?

I vote “No!” to allowing this practice to continue. What’s do you think?

If you response is also, “No!” let your Senator and elected representatives hear your opinion.

And, no, it might not make a difference this time, but if we keep hammering away … our time will come.

Steps in the Right Direction …

Now, imagine if we are able to pull together hundreds of thousands of people … we still won’t have enough to effect change. We need millions. Ten of millions. Even hundreds of millions of people taking action worldwide to fundamentally push back the tide on some of these causes.

And it all starts with you. Your willingness to participate, share and take meaning action. The level of your desire and your determination are key our future. Let’s make it happen before time runs out, and our children don’t have one.


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