The problems in the world are not going to be solved by governments or corporations, but by ordinary people around the world working together with a common purpose and uncommon passion …

Thank you for your interest in our programs! We look forward to understanding your “Why.” Why do you want to make a difference? And, what are you willing to contribute to make that difference happen?

All too often, people talk about problems, but then do nothing themselves to help make the situation better.

Others want to get involved in something meaningful, but find their choices limited to handing out food at a soup kitchen or food bank … while others just walk a few miles once a year.

While all these things are helpful, ask yourself these questions …
• Are the volunteer activities you’re doing really significant?
• If you didn’t do it, would it still get done?
• Are you unintentionally discriminating against others in what you’re doing?
• Are you really impacting the lives of others in a meaningful, long-lasting way?
• Are you able to continuing build on what you’re doing to have a greater and greater impact?
• Are you activity affecting your community?
• Are you working on positive change for your country, the planet?


Our social activism club doesn’t discriminate in membership acceptance or in who we help. We accept people from all different backgrounds, ages, educational levels, income, religion, gender, country of origin. And we work to help everyone.

There are only four things you have to have in order to be successful in our organization:

1) Desire
2) Determination
3) Coachability
4) Action

So join us and work on these amazing programs:

  • Help us get the President to Declare August “National Kids Month”
  • Youth &Adult Educational Programs
  • Social Responsibility School & Community Clubs
  • Community Learn & Earn Programs
  • Special Event Marketing, PR, Coordination, Management
  • Fundraising, Grants, Sponsorships & Partnerships
  • Much Much More!

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Be Part of the Solution …

Join • Act • Share