What’s a PAK?

A PAK is a community of people that perform Planned Acts of Kindness. Active members of the community are called Pakkies.

Why Should I Join?

People should join the PAK if they have the desire to help others even by taking the smallest of actions. Not only can that action make a positive difference to someone on the receiving end, it can elevate you to a higher level as well.

Do I Have To Pay To Join?

Membership is through the Karma Club and it’s 100% free! Donations, Sponsors & Partnerships are welcome additions to help support our free Non-Profit educational programs.

Are There Any Other Benefits For Me?

Absolutely. When you join the PAK, you automatically become a member of the Karma Club. Your actions during over the course of each month directly relate to your Karmic Level, and your ability to receive Karmic Rewards. (Read more under Karma Club)

Can I Write My Own PAK and Submit It?

We would love for you to submit your own idea for a “Planned Acts of Kindness” activity. If we approve it, we will let you know the date it will run so you can notify your group to be on the lookout on that date. And, of course, you’ll get the “love” for submitting it. ūüėČ

Why Was “Planned Acts Of Kindness”¬†Created?

The PAK is a program created and developed by Lyle Benjamin, Executive Director of “16 Things Kids Can Do” to help awaken people‚Äôs sense of Community ‚Ķ

Working together we can actually help make the world into a better place for everyone, regardless of education, income, race, religion and country of original.

What Is 16 Things Kids Can Do?

16 Things Kids Can Do is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization that works for the Betterment of Kids, People and The Planet through a series of books, workshops, programs, and activities, all designed to help people lead happier, healthier and more successful lives.