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The Importance of One Planet SR Clubs

Kindness takes on many forms. In human interaction, it’s the compassion, empathy, respect and civility we need to show each other regardless of our differences. On a more ambitious level, it’s those same qualities that we need to employ in our interactions with other species, other ecosystems, and the planet itself.

We have one planet, and we have one people on the planet. It’s that simple. And it’s important that we all start acting like it — even if we don’t yet fully buy in or think we can make a difference. At the minimum our own Quality of Life demands it and our survival as a species might very well depend on it.

One Planet SR Clubs are one of the most important methods of bringing people together to work on significant social issues and then collaborate with clubs from other communities on a local, regional, national, and global scale.

This is how we change a ripple into a wave and into a tsunami for positive change in the world — and it all starts with you.

The Power of One

Think of it this way, we all know how a Vicious Cycle works:  It’s a repeating situation or condition where one problem causes another problem that makes the first problem worse.

One Planet (and Karma) Clubs operates on what I call, a Compassionate Cycle:  One positive planned action you do leads you to do another positive planned action, and so on — and the more you do the better you and others are.

Keep this in mind: The more activities you do, the more others will join clubs and participate.  The more people we have participating, the faster we can change the climate of the planet, both figuratively and literally.

There are four major areas of kindness that set the foundation for obtaining a more peaceful, harmonious world:  1) Civility; 2) Social Responsibility; 3) Volunteerism; and, 4) Global Citizenship. And what’s great about these foundation areas is that you’re getting a multiplier effect: impacting two or more foundation areas from each of the actions you take.

The Power of One

This is why we talk about the Power of One. Your power. How the acts you do have a ripple effect and your influence extends out from you in waves. One occasional drop is why random acts of kindness doesn’t have much of a lasting impact. The impact is often localized and dissipates over time, and it’s hit or miss whether enough people pick up the ripple and start their own.

Think of Planned Acts as a faucet with a constant stream of drips and the Earth is the bucket underneath the tap. One drip is like adding water into the ocean. But what about a steady flow of drips that multiple and merge with others to form a stream, a river, a tsunami in an ocean? That’s the Power of One.

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The Benefits You Receive When Helping Others

• Club programs provide you with education and action programs that inspire you to be the best
• Club programs provide real-world experience
• Club programs help you enhance multiple skills
• Working on important issues provide valuable college and career development
• Expand your network of personal contacts for career and life goals
• Earn recognition for the work that you do
• Earn rewards for what you accomplish
• Helping others helps you live a longer, happier life


• Helps people regardless of Nationality, Race, Religion, Gender, Age, Education or Economic Status
• Outreach, engagement and action programs directly help people with Quality of Life issues
• Club programs provide more people with opportunities to get involved and take action for their benefit & others
• Serves as example & inspiration for people to be better


• Personal action reduces food waste, pollution, packaging, greenhouse gasses, energy consumption, climate damage
• Club action helps conserve and protect resources
• Club action benefits people locally, nationally & globally
• Club is a part of larger teams, groups, associations and coalitions that work better together to accomplish more than they could on an individual basis

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