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Karma in Action:  Take Action Now & Get Rewarded Later …
Incorporate your Daily PAKs into your Daily Life

Keep this in mind:  The more daily activities you do, the more others will join the Karma Club and participate.  The more people we have participating, the faster we can change the climate of the planet, both figuratively and literally.

Think of it this way, we all know how a Vicious Cycle works:  It’s a repeating situation or condition where one problem causes another problem that makes the first problem worse.

The Karma Club operates on, what I call, a Compassionate Cycle of Being:  One positive planned action you do, leads you to do another positive planned action, whereby the more you do, the better you and others are.

Sample PAKs

Here are several examples of the daily Planned Acts of Kindness that people around the country and around the world will be doing in the future:

Today’s Daily PAK:  When you leave your house or work bring a trash bag with you and make it a point to pick up some litter you see on your way.  Tips: You can use gloves or another bag over your hand to keep things sanitary.

Today’s Daily PAK:  Join one more medical registries:  The organ donation and/or the bone marrow registry. It’s easy to do, takes very little time, and you could help save one or more lives.  Tips:  Register at  Organ Donation and Marrow Donor Program.

Today’s Daily PAK:  Go through your day really listening to what other people are saying to you. Give them opportunities to really talk and be heard. Don’t be in a hurry to respond or offer advice (unless it’s an integral part of your work).  Tips:  Don’t make everything about you.  Don’t try to one up them by showing how your day is better than theirs, or more difficult than theirs.  Really show genuine interest by looking directly at the person that speaking.  Use both verbal and non-verbal indicators that you’re engaged.  Leave them happier that they had the chance to really talk with you.

Today’s Daily PAK:  Pick two or three people that you haven’t seen for a while, and reach out to make plans to get together either in person or by phone.  Tips:  Make a list and start with blood relatives and then old friends that you’ve lost touch.

Today’s Daily PAK:  Go out of your way to be respectful, courteous and nice to people that cross your path today.  Tips:  If you’re driving, yield; don’t tailgate, honk your horn in frustration, cut off others, speed to your destination.  If you’re riding public transportation, don’t push and shove; don’t give nasty looks or glare at others; smile and give up your seat; If you’re walking in public and see someone struggling to open a door, give them a hand; if you happen to make eye contact, smile or nod your head in acknowledgement. At work, you can do the same with co-workers and associates.

What’d ya think of my idea for a PAK?

Create Your Own …
“It’s My Planet!” 30-Second Viral Video PSA

Be the Star in Your Own
Public Service
Announcement & Viral Video

Cast: People from around the world: All nationalities, ages, genders

Locations: 16Things Office or On Location around the world

Wardrobe: Native Garb or “It’s My Planet!” Custom T-Shirt

Script: “This is my Planned Act of Kindness …”

Next, share your idea for a “Planned Act of Kindness” (first in English, and then in another language) that people can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community.

After a 2-second pause, add the following:

“My name is __________. And If you’re not part of the solution … Then get (the Hell) off my planet!”


1. Upload video to your social media account like Facebook, Twitter or then
2. Use the form below to send us the link. (No social media accounts? Just email the video to us at

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Karma Rewards:

If your Planned Act of Kindness video is selected to become a featured video, you will be invited to participate in a larger video production (and receive gifts!)

With your help, we have a chance to change the Planet …
And you’ve become an important part of the Solution.

Thank you & we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Lyle Benjamin, Executive Director
16 Things Kids Can Do & Planned Acts of Kindness