Starting May 1st, use your Karma Club calendar to track your monthly activities. Be sure to hit the submit button after each update!

Enter Your Completed PAKs.

Share a bit about what you did to complete your PAK, how it was received and how felt afterwards. Then be sure to share you post with others!

Submit the name and photo of anyone you helped take the PAK pledge.

If you have the PAK Pledge Video, you can share that as well!

Don’t forget to walk the walk and volunteer with us!

Getting started is easy:  One hour during the month is all it takes. Please sure to check out the Volunteer page on how to get started, tips and ideas, and tracking.

Donations & Sponsorships!

Donations & Sponsorships help run 16 Things Outreach Programs, programs that are free to the public, but still cost our organization time and money to provide. Check out the D&S page to learn how you can help!