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The world is in crisis. The problems that were outlined at the inception of Planned Acts of Kindness and the Karma Club — From a divided country with a people at war with each other to the devastation that can be wrought by anyone of the Tipping Point plagues:  Climate Change, Pollution, Overpopulation, Pandemics, Terrorism and War — are with us today.

We are at a critical period in the timeline of humanity, and what we do today, tomorrow and the next day could very well send us into a downward path towards destruction that we may never recover from, or lift us up so we can turn the tide and successfully push back against these plagues.

There exists in each of us the power to rise up and do great things. Individually we have the power to light up an area for a short time like one firefly in the night. But working together, under the right system, we can collaborate so that individual lights become one larger light with the power and intensity to illuminate the world.

With your help, this can be the power of One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs.

“Look over the club flowchart and the club structure. You don’t have to study anything, learn anything, or even understand anything! It’s simply a guide for those that want to know more …”

Getting Started: Becoming a Part of the One Planet One People Team

At this point, all you need to do is answer some basic background and interest questions and that will give us an idea of your interests. Next, you can proceed to the Step-by-Step program guide, and get started. During your work in the Steps, we’ll be in touch to help you along the path.

We’ll all in this together, and working together is how we are going to succeed.

Background & Interests

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As a member of our One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs, our goal for you is to put you into programs where you can serve as an inspiration to others and make a positive impact on the world. We endeavor to maximize your potential and impact by having you do the things you’re interested in doing, connecting with the people and groups you’re interested in working with, and by working in areas that are engaging, educational, and action-based.

Please take a few minutes to brush up on the background and programs. We understand that it’s a lot of information, so don’t worry about “getting it” — Depending on what you’re interested in, you can go through your entire time with our organization focused on only one program. And perfectly fine. So let’s get started:

Download and read our Executive Summary & Program Guide. Pay particular attention to the areas you’re interested in. It’s good to know about the scope of what we do because you never know who you’ll come across that might be interested in another area we do, and you can help make the connection between us.

Download Executive Summary


To get a better idea of the scope of what we do, visit our sites  Don’t worry if you end up a bit more confused than when you started!  😉  We have a lot of programs and you don’t have to learn them all. It’s good that you’ll be familiar. Once you get further into your training, things will crystalize and fall into place!



PAK & the One Planet One People Movement are building a World Video Map app with the goal of having people from 190+ countries share videos. The purpose is to show that we have one planet and despite our differences, we are one people.

Using the page as you guide, please make a short video on each topic. If you’re from China, speak Chinese. If you’re from India, do it in your native language.

At the end of each recording be sure to add in your first name, the city and country you’re from, and our website: PlannedActs.Org  (Example:  “This is Preeta from Mumbai, India for PlannedActsofKindness.Org”)

Record each one separately on your phone or computer and email them to: We’ll add them to our website and share on the World Video Map! You’re welcome to share on your social media as well.

1) PAK Pledge Civility Challenge Video (30 seconds). “I hereby make a PAK to treat others with respect and kindness and to go through life from this day forward acting toward others as I would which to be treated myself. This is (your name) from (City/Region, Country) for PlannedActsofKindness.Org”
2) Kindness Shared Story (2-3 minutes)
3) Share a Problem in the World & Your Solution (2-3 minutes)
4) Make a Testimonial Video (2-3 minutes) and share your thoughts about why programs like PAK and the One Planet One People Movement are important, and what action do you want people to take.



Complete and submit our Engagement Survey form below. The information you provide will help us learn more about you and your background as well as customizing your specific program. Please take the time to write complete and thorough answers to the questions!

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Everyone who volunteers or does an internship with PAK automatically becomes a member of the Global “One Planet Social Responsibility Club.” After devoting a minimum of 20 hours in the G-OPK and developing a group of 30 members, you then have the option of staying in the G-OPC exclusively or you can help start a C-OPC — a Community One Planet Club — in your neck of the woods. C-OPC can be school-based, community-based, organizationally-based, city-based, regionally-based, and even, nationally-based.

If you’d like to start a C-OPC, drop us a note and we can get you started on the right track. Then, when you meet your minimum requirements, you’ll already have a strong foundation to build on.



1. Choose the Interview and Orientation Sessions you wish to attend from the following days and times:
Tuesdays:  5:30-6:15 PM EDT (New York City Time)
Fridays:  12:15-1 PM EDT (New York City Time)

2. Email your choice to:
In the Subject Line write: Internship Appointment, the date, day and time
In the Body Copy write: Your Name, School & Major

3. At Appointment day/time Log-In to Zoom:
To ensure we start on-time, please sign-in a couple in couple of minutes early and wait for the host to open the meeting.
Please be sure to copy this URL into your calendar:

We look forward to seeing you and helping you on your path to success!

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