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The Power of
Planned Acts of Kindness

Planned Acts of Kindnesses Invites You to Participate in the
“20 Crazy Ambitious Outreach Engagement Inspiration & Action Social Responsibility Challenge Contest”
to Help Promote “2023: The Year of One Planet One People”
& The Fight for the Survival of the Human Race

To Make The Change We Desperately Need In The World
We Need Ordinary People Around The World Doing Extraordinary Things

Why Participate

Not happy with the direction the world is going? Scared, alarmed, angry, frustrated? Ever want to help others and make a huge difference in the world? No? Well, here’s your chance to do it anyway. We Are All In It Together and if we don’t start acting like it in less than ten years the world will be tremendously different for billions of people, and not in a good way. So “Be The Hero” and share in a large helping of Karmic rewards in the process.

The Rewards

Everyone who enters and competes earns Karmic rewards and a PAK certificate. Complete one or more of PAK’s engagement & action goals and you’ll be invited to our Award’s Show; be featured in the book “20 Things We All Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet – Featuring 20 Crazy Ambitious People Who Changed The World in 2023” Special Edition; earn rewards based on 20 completed achievements; earn gifts and prizes for 1, 2 & 3 place finishes; opportunity to participate in PAK special events; opportunity to do radio, television and print interviews.

Who Can Participate

Anyone that wants to make a positive difference in the lives of others. If you’re retired, unemployed, a veteran, student, ordinary working stiff, extraordinary working stiff, independently wealthy, independently poor, a celebrity, person of influence, a do-gooder, a person that hasn’t done much good (yet), warm of heart, cold of hands … it matters not, everyone from everywhere from all backgrounds is welcome to participate.

You’re Not In It Alone

Getting close to achieving your goal but need some help? We are there for you with information, materials, meeting and program support.

20 Crazy Ambitious

to support “2023: The Year of One Planet One People”

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“to Make The Change We Desperately
Need In The World We Need
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things


Everyone that enters will receive a participation certificate. People that come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & in Honorable Mention will receive much, much more.

Getting Started

Follow the simple steps by clicking the following button.


Entry Fee

Donation of any amount to enter. Higher amounts earn kindness gifts.

Sample Challenge

Things you can do to support yourself and 2023 The Year of One Planet One People:

• Create a blog and write about your 2023 goals and build it up to inspire others!
• Use Facebook Live to record and share each day’s planned act of kindness with your Social Network and on our YouTube channel. Create cycles and submit your longest consecutive streaks with the most number of views and likes.
• Always publicize what you’re working on and invite others to get involved. You should always post on your platforms and tag @PlannedActs, so we can share it as well!

Use the hashtags:
#frodolives (if you don’t get it, don’t worry)

Volunteers wanted

Event Planners, fund-raisers, grant writers, bloggers, social media influencers, educators, and Ambassadors

Help wanted

Help wanted in our Sponsorship Direct Compensation Program to secure sponsorships for PAK and earn Finder’s fees

Get any of of the top 10 pizza companies (Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza) to add Planned Acts of Kindness flyers on top of their Pizza boxes!

Get any of the top Social Responsibility Grocers (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Krogers) to give away 1 Million each “OnePlanet-One People” Stickers at the register.

Help establish PAK’s One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs in any states largest prison system in the US.

Do engagement and personally secure as many people making PAK pledges in 2020 as you can. Remember, all who enter win. And those that do the best, win bigger. 😉

Get all living former Presidents to share Planned Acts’ kindness videos (PAK Kindness Pledge, Kindness Shared Story, Problems & Solutions to World Problems, PAK Testimonial)

Have the current president take the PAK Kindness Civility Pledge on video and issue proclamation declaring 2020 as TYWK.

Contact Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) and ask him to support PAKs two missions of kindness and climate change, and he does it!

Contact any 3 of the top activists to work with Planned Acts of Kindness on producing PSAs on behalf of PAK programs (fi.e., Dali Lama, Greta Thunberg, etc.)

Get a major US sports league (NFL, MLB, MBA, NHL, MLS) to Sponsor PAK.

Have a national fraternities or sororities help establish and manage PAK’s One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs on 20 major college campuses in 2020.

Have any major Musician or Band agree to promote PAK at 10 concerts in 2020.

Have any top Public Relations firm agree to take on PAK as a Pro Bono client a for year.

Set a Guinness Record for most number of events (i.e., PAK Kindness Pledges with 5 people or more) held on one day to support our non-profit org.

Get at least 20 people from a country to make the PAK videos in their native language: PAK Pledge, Kindness Shared Story, World Problem & Solution & PAK Testimonial

Get the NFL or MLB to promote doing the PAK Kindness pledge at every stadium on the same day and set a Guinness Record for most number of people making a pledge in one day.

Get the most number of featured expert interviews approved for inclusion into “16 Things We All Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet” social responsibility books

Form a team and help arrange PAKs Summits in international locations including Beijing, Rome, Delhi, New York, Brasilia, Cape Town by securing support /donations/registration

Get any of the major television networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN, USA Network, HGTV, Univision, The CW, TBS, TNT, Telemundo, TLC — to Host & Post Daily Planned Acts of Kindness for at the bottom of their news reports for a minimum of 30 days

Get any top companies that does major television advertising (Comcast, AT&T, Amazon, P&G, General Motors, Charter Communications, Alphabet, American Express, Verizon, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase, Ford, Pfizer, Nestle, Samsung, Apple) show their support of PAK by adding our logo and website into their commercials

Have churches or temples establish and run PAK’s One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs in as many cities as possible

Help secure product donations from different companies of more than 300 units each than can be given to as recognition and rewards by PAK

Set up and run PAK programs in as many libraries as you can to sign up people into the Karma Club and One Planet Social Responsibility Community Clubs

Get any top cereal companies to promote 2020: The Year of World Kindness & the One Planet Social Responsibility Clubs on 1 Million of their Cereal Boxes

Get any major internet companies to Host & Post Daily Planned Acts of Kindness on their websites for 90+ days in 2020

Get any major energy companies to agree to promote PAK around the world through inclusion in television advertising, advertising at the pump, and donations to help support PAK programs.

Open category: You make up the activity and submit it for others to achieve. If it has a high enough impact, it may be accepted as a viable prize achievement

Open category: You make up the activity and submit when successful. If it has a high enough impact, it may be accepted as a viable prize achievement