A Few Words About Outreach

Outreach is at the heart of everything we do. If we aren’t sharing, we aren’t able to help. It’s that simple.

How to share? Let people know about your participation in the program, and that you’d like them to take a look at it also. If they like what they see, maybe they can share it with their network … and if they really like the program, they can, of course, join the Karma Club.

Here are some examples of how easy it is to share:

• By Phone
• In Person
• By Text Message
• Blog
• By Social Media
• By Email with Follow-Up
• By Video

Make it a game and compete with your friends, family and co-workers to see how many new members you can add to your group each month. Then be sure to share how you did. Remember, what comes around, goes around. 😉


#1. Your Daily PAK
#2. Membership
#3. Volunteering
#4. Donations