As you know by now, one of the main goals of Planned Acts of Kindness is to bring people together from around the planet to work together for the betterment of kids, people and the planet. This is primarily done through activities of The Karma Club:  The Daily PAKS, Membership and Volunteerism.

But there is also our Cause of the Month, Person of the Week, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums that serves to bring people together as well.  

Now, let me go a deeper into these and several other 16 Things’ volunteer programs to further illustrate how we’re going to bring people together.


• Karma Club members have the ability to complete and share their activities with people all over the world. You can post on our PAK site and Social Media, not only in the United States, but in other countries through their most popular platforms.

• Establishing National & International Kids’ Month in the United States and countries brings our education and action programs to people throughout the world.

• 16Things/PAK Social Responsibility Clubs. Clubs are established by members to give people in the community an outlet to volunteer, enhance real world skills while benefiting people locally, nationally and globally. Clubs also have the ability to connect to other clubs and work together to achieve objectives.

Planned Acts of Kindness’ Community Outreach Global Summits are series of conferences, workshops, concerts, and breakouts designed to bring our education and action programs to people throughout the world. Elements of the Summit will be streamed live around the world.

Planned Acts of Kindness Special Events. From Karma Club Member related events to specific causes events, the goal is to mobilize, recognize and energize people to in support of our Global Outreach Initiatives.

16 Things Self-Help Reference Books feature 16 problems people face in their lives and contributing experts that share the why and what you need to do to solve each problem. Books are initially done in English using American contributing experts; however, instead of translating the books into other languages where the content may no longer be valid — we will have Board of Advisors from each county charged with culturally adapting the book to their own country and providing indigenous problems and experts. Additionally, every book, regardless of the population it serves, will have a chapter on Planned Acts of Kindness and 16Things outreach programs.


Members of the Karma Club are encouraged to:
• Make a video PAK Pledge and share on social media

• Submit & post their completed Daily PAK activities
• Create video Public Service Announcements promoting Daily PAKS or 16T outreach programs
• Testimonials in English and their native language, and submit them on their Social Media Networks


Join Planned Acts of Kindness and use Twitter to spread the word!

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