When I was 21 and living in Orlando, Florida someone showed kindness to me … here is my story …

Ms.Trice, who is an office assistant for the Neptune Dormitories at the University of Central Florida’s main Orlando Campus, showed me great kindness. Because as a result of my on-campus job needing help before classes started they asked me to come in. But I had failed to complete the necessary paperwork that allowed me access to my dorm room. So when I went to the dormitory office to explain the situation Ms. Trice who was on duty at the time understood the situation and risked her position by letting me into my room hoping that it was the right thing to do.

The result of Ms. Trice’s kindness gave me access to my room for two days until the rest of the faculty returned with the possibility of an additional per night charge for coming back early which I was okay with.

This affected my life greatly because I’m unable to drive nor do I have a car and since the rest of my family lived two hours away in St. Augustine I had nowhere else to go my only option would be to Uber or Lyft to a hotel for a night which be difficult as it was New Year’s when all this was going down. So being able to get into my room was a great relief, because not only would I be safe, I would have all my personal belongings and food to sustain as I had just gone grocery shopping.

As for my biggest takeaway it would have to be that I will make sure to fill out any paperwork that allows me to stay in my dorm room whether or not I actually stay there. And that there are always options, for some it might be staying friends or family who live in the area or staying at a hotel because somehow someway the issue will be resolved and that there are people who truly understand the situation.